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With the disruptive advent of OTT platforms, audience viewing patterns and content consumption are experiencing a significant shift. There are various emerging trends and strategies that the media & broadcasting industry is adapting to stay relevant and competitive. Distributed OTT platforms and smart TV penetration is changing the way the world consumes content.
The proliferation of smart devices is encouraging anytime, anywhere viewing across multiple screens. This is giving rise to the cord-cutting trend where consumers are rapidly growing out of conventional PayTV services. With the Digivive OTT platform, a broadcaster can now easily launch independent own branded OTT platforms that offer both Live Streaming as well as On-Demand services. The platform can be customized to their needs and help them to increase the audience reach exponentially.

OTT and IPTV solution for broadcasters
OTT and IPTV solution with multiscreen experience

Linear TV to OTT revolution

Linear TV is the traditional way of watching television. Despite the threat of more innovative non-linear TV technology, the traditional way of watching Pay TV is not yet obsolete. But the media scene is changing and evolving at a very fast pace, and in order to keep up, the linear TV operators need to evolve with the consumers’ demand. Keeping a close eye on the industry, we see OTT as the future of linear TV, because it combines the best of OTT and Pay TV. Moreover, our claim is backed by the growing number of big industry players that are adopting the technology and generating more revenues as well.

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