Lecture capture system enhances learning results & lets you accomplish more than that: it enhances the experience of learning. An all-in-one and fully integrated training platform for the entire enterprise! Our Lecture Capture Solution is aimed at providing better learning experience to students while not disrupting the educational approaches from faculties.

HD Recording

The high quality, synchronized video blended to the coveted platform gives chance to students to go to classes virtually without losing the in-class experience.

Multiple-Source Capture

Capture Lectures and in addition an extensive variety of supporting materials from slideshows to smartboards, brilliantly synchronized while publishing.


Improved Learning Opportunity for Students

Over the previous years, captured lectures have proved to enhance student retention.

Stream Live from Anywhere

Stream and record lectures from anyplace—classroom, campus, hall and from device of your choice: desktop, tablet, cell phones and so on.

Supplement Course Material

Embed links to presentations, word files, PDFs, quizzes, exam preparation materials, we are talking about all the knowledge that enhances critical thinking and improved results.

Tools to Enhance Learning

Students can download presentations and different materials, make inquiries amid live streams, and share the lectures with peers.

  • teachers

    Why Teachers Love It?

    This Lecture capture solution is totally non-disruptive & there's nothing they need to change about how they instruct. It works seamlessly managing your recordings and publication.

  • students

    Why Students Need It?

    Lecture capture relieves the worry of clashing timetables or missing imperative points of interest amid class and increase their engagement and participation. They'll watch the lecture whenever and as often as they want with alongside access to every supplemental material.

  • set

    Set It-Forget It

    Lecture capture is as basic as setting up a set-top box. When everything's associated, the rest is programmed, from planned recording to transferring, listing and setting authorizations.

  • upgradess

    No Upgrades Required

    Lecture capture works with your current presentation and recording gear, regardless of how old they are. It combines brilliantly with each significant LMS.

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