Cloud playout

We can help you with launching your live TV and Audio channel or any broadcast on-demand content in real-time over the internet with the help of our cloud playout service. You can schedule both on-demand content and live feeds on multiple channels using our advanced scheduler and deliver the best TV experience that works on the Web, Android, iOS, and Smart TVs without any hassles!

Cloud Playout
Live streaming

Live streaming

Now you can go live from anywhere to everywhere, that too with the help of any video capturing device just by clicking one button. Moreover, You can Monetize your live streaming and generate revenues. You can follow different models to monetize your streaming, whether it can be a pay-per-view paywall, monthly, or yearly subscription model. All in all, it is on you, you can plan your subscription model and we will implement that for you and will make things better for you to manage and in return, you will be generating more revenue and engagement.

Advanced content management system

An easy-to-use Content Management System to manage your content simply from an intuitive interface. Whether you have a few video clips of thousands of movies or TV series, our CMS makes it easy to sort, manage, and organize your entire video library. Enriched with convenient features like batch upload, drag-and-drop, ordering- reordering of content, packaging, managing promos, etc. It provides everything you need to organize and manage your video content.

Features that make your work more convenient

  • Video Scheduling

  • Live publish and social sharing

  • Enriched Metadata

  • Multi-account management

  • Geo-blocking, time-limited access, release windows

  • Integration with other CMS

Content Management System
Easy to manage

Easy to manage

Launch your product with us by letting us know your requirements, upload your video content and you are good to go. Just let your viewers know about the platform, It’s that easy. You do not need to have an in-house technical team for you to handle things for you. Because we are here to do that for you. All you need to do is to keep your video content ready for your viewers.

Multi-screen streaming

Your platform is accessible on all devices (desktop, tablets, and mobiles), applications: mobiles apps (iOS & Android), OTT TV apps (Fire TV, Roku, etc.), and Connected TVs. Easily manage all applications from the same CMS and get detailed analytics.

Multiscreen streaming

Key features of our cloud playout service

Reliable Service Icon

Reliable service

We are the world’s top OTT solution providers, so you can completely rely on us.

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We make sure that our customers find the best price with us, we are affordable.

Subtitles icon


Add subtitles for viewers and improve accessibility, viewers can on & off the captions.

Custome thumbnails Icon

Custom thumbnails

You can upload thumbnails for your video, as per brand or content requirements.