Easy content ingestion

An easy-to-use Content Management System to manage your content simply from an intuitive interface. Whether you have a few video clips of thousands of movies or TV series, our CMS makes it easy to sort, manage, and organize your entire video library. It provides everything you need to organize and manage your video content.

Easy content ingestion
asset management

Asset management

Enriched with convenient features like batch upload, drag-and-drop, ordering- reordering of content, packaging, managing promos, etc. Add or change asset title, custom thumbnails, description, keywords, tags, categories, cast, and more. Easily manage business rules and geo-restriction.

Video scheduling

Save time by scheduling videos across all your platforms in just a few clicks from a single dashboard. A user-friendly powerful feature of CMS to avoid the hassle of manually uploading and publishing content.

video scheduling
Automated video transcoding

Automated video transcoding

Upload videos once and never worry about video formats. The system automatically transcodes and creates multi-profiling for an optimal playback experience.

Live publish and social connect

Ingest any live stream be it a satellite feed or IP feed and publish on all the apps instantly. Make a live channel from existing on-Demand content. Easily stream live streams to all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., or embed links to the website.

Live publish and social connect

Key features of our video content management system

Subtitles icon


Add subtitles for viewers and improve accessibility, viewers can on & off the captions.

Custome thumbnails Icon

Custom thumbnails

You can upload thumbnails for your video, as per brand or content requirements.

SEO mata data Icon

SEO meta-data

Add meta title and descriptions for your viewers, so that they can find relevant content.

Schedule release icon

Scheduled release

Set a specific date and time for your content to be available across all devices.