Our subscription management module gives your customers all the adaptability they need to update payment strategies and make payments while keeping everything sorted out and automated for you.

Our Robust and dynamic Subscriber and Billing management framework commands complete Life cycle of the customers which incorporates Subscription, customer journey on browsing, streaming, downloading. We support various payment gateways in our OTT offering as we comprehend that without monetization opportunity no business is worth. Supports Carrier Billing, Billing with App-stores, Mobile Wallets integration for both subscription and one-time charging service. Configurable HTTP, SMPP interface empowering multiple integrations. Our billing system supports Auto-Renewal, Step by Step charging, grace and suspension cycles in the customer journey.

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    Business Rules Driven

    Charging and interfaces driven by business rules based out of TBMS-TPE (Transaction Processing Engine) for operator integration.
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    Different Mediums of Billing

    Supports Telco Billing, Credit Card & PayPal (both subscription & event based).
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    Wallet Payments

    Supports new payment wallets like PayTM, mWallet and retail billing models.
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    Data Bundling

    Data Bundling provision for special events.

Key Benefits

  • Make the same number of plans and add-ons as your business needs. The costs can be volume or package based.
  • Provide discounts to your consumers with coupons and activation codes. .
  • Consequently charge your customers on a perpetual basis for your products or services. From yearly expenses to custom plans.
  • Have clients spread over the globe? Don't sweat it. We support various currency billing.
  • We are incorporated with the most well-known gateways on the planet.

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