As a leading VAS organization we look forward to your initiative, enthusiasm with imagination and invite you to explore unparalleled career opportunities while creating an exciting future together.

We provide our employees a vibrant, diverse and stimulating environment with enormous opportunities to explore new dimensions of creativity and Hi-Technology thus enhancing their potential to the optimum.

We invite you to join our organization whose forte are its ethics and values, which are reflected in our actions and people practices.

Our Values


Our people are our greatest asset. We value positive and trusting relationships through open communication, sharing and valuing diverse perspectives. We strive to create an environment that nurtures creativity, encourages risks & recognizes achievement promptly. Excellence is fostered & rewarded resulting in endless opportunities for advancement.


We believe that we are a conglomeration of our individual talents and must value the leverage that we get by working together to achieve common and individual goals. We believe in cultivating a new generation of managers and fostering "Participative Culture", which is the key to an energetic and motivated performance from you and your team.


We value respect for each other, ethical behavior, honesty and integrity at all times and with complete commitment.


It is our responsibility to deliver quality and innovation in our work, through continuous development of our skills and knowledge. We respect and develop our people by laying a strong emphasis on recognizing the initiatives taken by employees. All our key performers are like business partners to the organization, with autonomy to take decisions. Our aim is to create winners & leaders everyday.

In the spirit of this collaborative culture, we call our team “The DigiVive Family”.

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