Searching for reliable Video & Streaming solutions? We can help you go-live with your content, event or channel instantly! We offer a bouquet of services in the online video supply chain management. Our transformational yet simplistic solutions are devised to help customers manage their video business. We believe in strategic relations with content owners so that we take away their operational and delivery hassle and they can concentrate on video syndication.

  • stream
    In our wide range of services, we offer Live streaming of events & shows via our robust platform.
  • broads

    Channel Downlinking & Broadcasting

    Digivive provides opportunity to Media & OTT players to digitalize Satellite Analog feed into IP Feed via IRDs / STBs & stream to their customers via cloud. Our Data-centre is currently downlinking 150+ Live TV channels for various OTT & White-label services.
  • videos
    We support multiple resolutions & Video formats in our platform. Our content bit rate ranges from 70kbps to 1 Mbps to support all the network & handset models.
  • multis
    With a single click, Live & Video Content can be made available across all platforms /Geography via our robust CMS.
  • manages

    Managed Services

    Our expertise in video management helps customers with designing of cost effective Video architecture for their Live & VOD services.

Our Operation team can help partners configure & automate their Video services on AWS. Our dedicated content desk team edit & process videos on timely basis for content packaging & discovery. Excellent TAT of less than 1 hour available from capture to publish. We have a dedicated 24*7 customer support team for monitoring & resolution of customer complaints. Our In-house monitoring system, alarm system are currently being used by multiple partners to manage their service uptime.

Embed groups of videos at once and disperse them across multiple channels

  • YouTube/Facebook: Easily disperse your videos across popular channels.

  • PODCAST: Each video is automatically converted into an audio file that can add versatility as a video and audio podcast.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve Broader Reach for Increased Engagement with Live Streaming by making events accessible to those who cannot physically attend.

  • Ensure Network Availability for Less Network Congestion.

  • Reduce Data-Transfer Costs because streaming servers send only the video packets needed for the next few seconds, if a viewer wants to watch just part of a video, you don’t pay for unused data.

  • Keep Content Secure through no downloaded or cached content on users' device, lowering the possibility of unauthorized use.

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